Board game for golf and mini golf enthusiasts

The BUILD & PUTT® golf board game offers golfers and golf enthusiasts fun for up to four players. Particular emphasis is placed on the sustainability of the materials used in the golf board game. The target group is ideally children, adolescents, families, seniors, party-, social- and skill players, golfers and mini golfers aged 4 to 109 years.

Golfer board game fun for up to four players
 Ideal for school, after-school care center, kindergarten for golf fun
Obstacles, putters, balls and much more for golfers

BUILD & PUTT®: Keyword inventor of BUILD & PUTT®: Klaus Endres - creativity with style

You may not be familiar with the name Klaus Endres, but that will change now. He is the creative mind and developer of a completely new kind of table golf game - the golf board game. This can be individually combined and expanded as required using various modules. The game principle and the expansion and conversion options are self-explanatory and therefore almost unlimited - as is the fun that is associated with it. In contrast to all previous table golf games, not only individuals can compete against each other at the same time if desired, but entire teams can meausure each other in competition. Up to four players or teams are possible. Different playing strengths of individual players can easily be compensated by means of ingenious handicaps. Please note that this is a protected golf board game - the property rights belong exclusively to Klaus Endres.

Our advice

The golf minigolf board game BUILD & PUTT®

The basic principle is the well-known golf or mini golf. Play alone, in pairs, in groups of three, as a group of four, individually one after the other or at the same time through the golf course, which can be designed as desired. Use the putter to move the ball from any of the three teeing points (start) towards the target. Play from where the ball stops. That is the way to delight your children with the golf board game.

The target group: In the golf board game - skill game, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, concentration and endurance are required and encouraged. The main target group is therefore children from 4 years of age or parents who want their children to be able to gain joyful and educationally valuable experience with high-quality wooden toys. But older people can also use the game to keep their fine motor skills as good as possible through regular practice.

Questions: What do you learn? Is it educationally valuable? Which competencies are promoted?
  • From a psychological point of view, BUILD & amp; PUTT highly recommended: complex attention and perceptual motor skills are encouraged in a playful way. This makes it a good way of training, especially for children and adolescents with problems in the areas of concentration or fine motor skills.
  • At the same time, endurance and concentration are trained. If you play with two or three people, you must also have a good tolerance for frustration.
  • It is a challenge for fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination is promoted.


New golfers with great enthusiasm at the table golf duel

A completely new golf board game - skill game and a real highlight for golf and mini golf fans is BUILD & PUTT® - creative finger golf - fun for everyone. This is a great multiplayer self-explanatory board game table golf for at home and on the go, which promises a lot of fun and variety. An infinite number of different and long golf courses can easily be created and played on according to your own creativity. The golfer sets made of sustainable materials start with the 1 PLAYER to the 4 PLAYER variant including accessories.

To awaken enthusiasm for table golf

With the simplest conversion of the golf course and different ball sizes, you can reach different levels of difficulty. Whether wave, spiral, snake, tunnel, ramp, bridge, numbers. There is something for every age from 4 to 109 years and any difficulty. Plenty of and constantly new accessories allow continuously guaranteed fun with this golf board game. Simply play the ball through the lane with a club / putter / finger / air. Results can be entered directly in the supplied game plans, depending on the number of players. The winner is whoever needs the fewest strokes or is the fastest. Fun is guaranteed not only by playing, but also by the almost infinite possibilities for conversion. A must for all golf and mini golf fans and all those who want to become one. To awaken enthusiasm for table golf, a board game for all golf enthusiasts.

An excellent golf game with BUILD & PUTT®

BUILD & PUTT®Free space for creativity
BUILD & PUTT®Possibility to play alone or with others
BUILD & PUTT®Promotes dexterity
BUILD & PUTT®Promotes skills
BUILD & PUTT®High quality and very well processed sustainable material
BUILD & PUTT®Simple, understandable mechanics
BUILD & PUTT®Board game in a robust design
BUILD & PUTT®Safe and harmless to health
BUILD & PUTT®Promotes educationally valuable fine motor skills

Golf and mini golf have been popular with young and old for many generations. BUILD & PUTT® Golf brings leisure fun to the family table. As an educationally meaningful golf game of skill made from recyclable materials, in which creativity, concentration and fine motor skills are promoted alone or in a team. Different levels of play can easily be balanced out. Great entertainment for young and old!

Question: Does BUILD & PUTT offer diverse and continuous play options?
Usage depends on the gaming opportunities it offers. BUILD & PUTT therefore offers versatility and expandability and this guarantees that it can be used over a long period of time. Only then will golf enthusiasts keep creating new ways to play; only then will the toy be played with on a regular basis.
Our answers:

  • The golf difficulty levels can be individually adapted to the skills
  • Extension modules set no limits to creativity when designing a wide variety of golf courses
  • Perspectives: What are the brand promises that convince responsible players about BUILD & PUTT?
  • BUILD & PUTT impresses with its simple, elegant design, clean workmanship, stable execution and responsible production - Made in Austria!
  • The wood used comes from sustainable forestry (PEFC and FSC). • We make sure that dangerous pollutants remain out of the picture. BUILD & PUTT Golf is guaranteed to be free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances..
  • Fair toy production is important to us.
  • We pay attention to socially compatible production conditions • BUILD & PUTT can be used for generations of Golf. We therefore offer a 3-year spare parts guarantee. If a wooden element breaks within this period, we will immediately deliver a replacement upon request.