Offers golfers fun for up to four players

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Offers golf enthusiasts fun

Our new BUILD & PUTT® FUN-Line offers golfers fun for up to four players. Particular emphasis is placed on the sustainability of the materials. The target group is ideally children, young people, families, seniors, party players, social players, skill players, golfers and mini golfers aged 4 to 109 years.

You can find short instructions on how to play BUILD & PUTT® here:
The basic principle is the well-known mini golf or golf. Play alone, in pairs, in groups of three, as a group of four, individually one after the other or at the same time through the golf course, which can be designed as desired. Use putter / finger / air to move the ball from any of the three teeing points (start) towards the target. Play from where the ball stops.

The winner is the one who needs the fewest strokes to the finish or is the fastest. Depending on the number of players, results can be entered directly in the game tables provided. By quickly converting the golf course or different ball sizes, you can easily reach different levels of difficulty. So nothing stands in the way of a fun generation duel.